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"I heard Joel speak about 12 years ago. I still remember his topic; it was "Critical Success Factors." I was impressed with his presentation and thought he could help us out. I have a business I started, and my son joined me in the business.

When Joel and his staff came out to our place, they sat with us and asked a lot of questions; they were very thorough. They did an assessment and evaluation of our business. What really surprised and impressed me was that they went out in the field and interviewed our workers.

I have to admit, I was from the old school, you know - slow to change. I was a little uncomfortable at first. But, everything Joel said made a lot of sense. I was able to see the light, and could follow what he was saying. I could tell he knew what he was talking about and I developed a faith and trust in him.

Joel Strom Associates helped organize our business. They helped us restructure and plan for succession. We were charting a new course that made sense. I had a lot of confidence in Joel, and for the first time felt comfortable about how the business is transitioning from my leadership to my son's. Also, because of the new structure Joel encouraged us to follow, our business has diversified somewhat and has increased in revenue. After all these years, when we have our quarterly meetings with Joel, we feel like we're sitting down with an old friend, but every meeting produces some ideas or directions for us to think about and act on. I consider Joel our trusted advisor."

- Ray Tartabini, President, Geotech Services Inc.

"I've been the superintendent of schools here for over ten years. Three years ago, we passed a bond issue. I felt that our school system was then at a peak; we were going to have a better physical structure - the building, and we needed to also have higher expectations for students. The time was right for change, but I knew we needed to find someone from the "outside" who could lead us in strategic planning. I did some networking with colleagues and Joel Strom's name was recommended.

We met about three years ago. Joel and his staff engaged us in a well-planned, active process. JSA facilitated focus groups and we all were encouraged to participate and contribute. The purposeful meetings caused us to find common, shared directions and goals. Now there's so much more collegiality in the district - among the community, school staff and school board. Joel has kept us on track with the strategic plan we developed with him. He has stayed with us throughout implementation which I think sets him apart from other consultants. It's a really good partnership because he has kept us focused to work toward goals that are important to us. We've had such good results that we asked for an extended strategic plan with ongoing implementation and monitoring. We're not a wealthy district, but we've chosen to renew our contract with JSA."

- Carol Young, Superintendent, North Union Schools

"I've been with this commercial building firm for over 30 years. When the last of the founding partners of our company was retiring, about ten years ago, we knew we were ready for a transition. We needed to re-examine who we were, what we were doing, and what we wanted to do.

A friend of a friend of our controller told us about Joel Strom Associates. I remember how Joel started working with us. He said we should ask ourselves 'What do we want to do now?' We put together a basket of ideas and talked about them. From there, we got a general direction, and then that led to a mission statement. The mission statement told us what we needed to implement. Sometimes it was a little hard to follow through on the implementation, but Joel understood where we trying to go and he was a good facilitator for us. He worked with our top management, office staff and our people in the field.

Our business has become more efficient, everyone is actually heading toward the same place. Before we knew Joel, we used to set goals, but they weren't always realistic. Joel has us setting attainable goals. With his help, we've met our financial objectives and now we've raised the bar. We're in the midst of another business transition where we're finding we have to set new goals. But we don't have to go back to square one; we can build on what we already know.

We now meet with Joel quarterly. We feel that he's more than a hired professional. In a sense, he's become a trusted partner in our business; he's become like a board member. I really enjoy the process of working with Joel and his staff. It's great to have someone who knows how the other people in business do what we do."

- Shawn Dixon, President and CEO, The Krill Company

"It has been wonderful working with Joel, he has really helped us so much. .. The weekly reports & key metrics we developed with him are so helpful, it's making a huge difference in managing & predicting. I don't always like what the reports are telling us, but better to know in advance so we can take action."

- Jackie Goodwin, Owner, College Times


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