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As owners and managers, we all set lofty goals for the growth and success of our businesses. But why is it only some of us actually achieve them? It's usually not because we didn't work hard enough. In fact, many of us work too hard. We expend a lot of energy and effort but not always in a direction that will move our companies closer to achieving those goals. It is usually because we have not taken the time to determine the best route to those goals. We have drifted off course.

The best way to stay focused on our goals is to plan. But most of us cringe and run the other way when planning is mentioned. It's not what we like to do, it's not comfortable, and we have all heard stories of plans that took a lot of both time and money to develop then ended up collecting dust on the bookshelf. But there is hope, not all planning processes are created equal.

As an entrepreneur and business owner myself, I was also not very excited about planning. However as I developed my Growth Management Processes, I realized the important role that planning plays in enabling owners and their companies to reach their lofty growth and profit goals. By understanding what owners disliked about planning and by researching why other planning processes failed to achieve their desired results, I was able to design a planning process that is truly a different approach to planning. My process was developed specifically to meet the needs of closely held growing businesses like yours. It provides the business with the tools needed to achieve your goals while eliminating the pain usually associated with planning. It actually makes the process fun and makes planning an integral and ongoing part of your company.

The process produces realistic plans focused on results. These plans get implemented and they create real action in the organization. The process ensures maximum "buy-in" and acceptance by your team. The tangible results of the planning process will help your company stay focused and grow. But beyond that, your team will also grow. By being an integral part of the process to develop the plan, you and your team will learn new management skills and will adopt positive management practices. The benefits and improvements gained though the process go well beyond the plan itself.


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