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Harness the Passion™
Expanding Entrepreneurial Passion into Sustainable, Profitable Growth and Personal Wealth

It is fact, more businesses fail to reach their objective or go out of business not because they cannot get sales but because they cannot handle the growth they do achieve. So this Growth Management-based program is not about marketing or sales. But rather, it provides the tools necessary for owners and managers of growing businesses to harness their entrepreneurial passion and grow the company of their dreams.

These People Are Driving Me Crazy™
Be honest, if you manage people you HAVE thought this.

Can any person in any organization who holds a leadership position honestly tell you they have not thought this at some time? This is probably why this presentation is so popular. It provides insight into the keys to reducing the insanity in the organization and keeping employees away from the dark side. The message is based on realistic, down to earth and practical practices that Joel has found to actually work, not theories typically found in HR manuals and courses. The presentation is entertaining because its examples and stories hit home for so many in the audience.

No One Taught Me How to be President™
The 6 Strategies of Star Presidents.

This acclaimed presentation takes a lighter look at the "yesterday I was an employee, today I'm the president" dilemma. It asks the question whether someone can actually be trained to be a president and then provides the secrets to achieving presidential stardom.

Never Let Them Laugh at Your Mission Statement™
And other truths about strategic planning.

As important as Strategic Planning is to the long-term success of an organization, many never invest time or effort in the process. As a strong proponent for planning, Joel utilizes a novel approach to build awareness of the importance of strategic planning and the remarkable results that can be achieved. It provides the audience with an outline of the components of the process and some hints for success.

It’s a Jungle Out There
How to navigate it, tame it, and make business fun again

These last few years have been quite a roller coaster. Now it’s 2011. Most company owners who I talk to have accepted the new reality and are tired of just squeaking by. They have had it with the downer mentality and they are ready to grow again. They are realizing that they will not be able to simply ride the tide to new growth. If they are going to grow, they will have to make their own opportunities for growth. They are finding that “it’s a jungle out there”. When you think of the current economic situation there are many similarities to a jungle. Its one of persistent uncertainty. We want to venture out and grow but it’s really tough trying to determine what is up ahead and what potential pitfalls await us on the trail to that growth. This presentation defines 9 key jungle strategies that if applied to businesses can help them ensure a successful journey through the business jungle.


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NY Medical Equipment Providers Association - annual conference

The Biltmore Bank of Arizona - CEO forum series

The Arizona Tooling and Machining Association - planning session

Hewitt Associates - Annual Orlando management meeting

The New England Medical Equipment Dealers Association - Annual conference

Arizona Small Business Association - Morning workshop series

Buckeye Association of School Administrators - Full day workshop

Ohio Society of CPA's - Annual education conference

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