Joel Strom

In certain situations, Advisory Boards can be the most effective means of providing owners of growing businesses with usable and realistic advice. Advisory Boards are not boards of directors. Unlike directors, advisory board members have no authority over the actions of the company; they are there simply to offer advice.

Strong boards consisting of the right members and facilitated correctly can provide the input owners need to ensure that they make good decisions. The key to success is the makeup and operational methodology of the board. Creating great boards is not easy and with so much at stake it is too important to leave it to chance. Unfortunately I have seen some really ineffective boards that have never reached their full potential to help the company. Thatís why I was so excited to learn about and then affiliate with Advisory Board Architects (ABA). ABA was founded by Bob Arciniaga in Denver Colorado for only one purpose; to help businesses create and manage great advisory boards that maximize the return on the companyís investment.

As part of the ABA network, I can help you build a board that will provide the input and advice that you need. The ABA system that includes a board candidate ranking tool, board performance assessment tools, and metrics for board results coupled with ABAís proprietary board facilitation process can maximize the results of your board and reduce your time and involvement in board details.

Contact me to find out how I can help you create a great Advisory Board that can definitely help you successfully achieve your business goals.

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