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Although working with outside advisors and consultants has become more the norm, deciding to get outside help can still be a very uncomfortable and difficult decision for many business owners. You might wonder:
  • Can the outside advisor truly understand our business?
  • I've done OK 'til now, why do I need to bring in anyone to help?
  • Won't using an "outsider" be perceived as a sign of weakness on my part?
  • If we spend this money, how do I know I will get what I need, that it will truly help?

I understand your concerns. In fact, most of my clients had those same concerns before we started working together. They discovered two key elements, which have enabled my years of success as an advisor to owners of businesses like yours. First: I am, like you, an entrepreneur who has worked hard on harnessing my own entrepreneurial passion to create growth and wealth. Second: my nearly 40 years of business and consulting experience has taught me the keys to successful business growth and to expanding on entrepreneurial passion. One more thing might account for my success as an advisor to growing businesses: my own passion for growing businesses and facilitating success for owners like you.

I have always felt that to help growing businesses I needed to truly understand you as a client, as well as your business and organization. I believe becoming a "part of the team" and fostering a long-term relationship provides the best results and the greatest return on your investment.

The owners of the strongest growth companies understand they need outside help to excel. So, whether you are feeling pains of growth or want to avoid future growth pains, and whether or not you have ever used outside help, we should talk. After an hour, we will know whether we can work together as a team to bring your company to the next level and create real value in your business.

In addition to, and sometimes as part of the one-on-one advisory services, two processes can serve integrally to expand on your passion.

Growth Planning

Family business and succession planning

Contact me directly to learn about additional services including performing operational and organizational assessments, assisting in organizational development and performance issues, developing performance based executive compensation and ownership programs, process improvements, and just about any other growth management issue.


Growth Planning

Family Business and Succession

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