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These materials for growth are intended as resources for the management of growing and transitioning businesses. They include items for sale to help you expand your passion: my latest book, my Growth Management Guidebook, and my free Growth Management tools.

Expand Your Entrepreneurial Passion Into Growth and Wealth

Joel Strom's Latest Book on Business Growth.

A collection of 67 of his acclaimed magazine columns revealing sound, proven and implementable techniques for successfully growing your business and your personal wealth

"Excellent advice we should all be following…clear, concise, well written."
Lee Neilsen, The Neilsen Group

"I want to shamelessly plagiarize the columns and use them as a basis for our ongoing plans."
John Rampe, Torque Transmission

List price - $17.95 (plus s&h)
With discount from seminars/workshops - $14.50 (plus s&h)
- contact Joel for more information

Harnessing the Passion through Growth Management

A Growth Management Notebook By Joel Strom

"This Growth Management guidebook and, for that matter, Joel's entire consulting career, is based on a very simple premise: the greatest challenge facing closely held growing businesses is not growing sales. It is managing the growth that additional sales create. Owners and managers of closely held growing businesses all say they understand this. Growing sales means nothing without growing profits. Yet, the facts say otherwise.

The purpose of this guidebook is to help companies, whatever their current situation, profitably and successfully achieve their growth objectives and build a strong sustainable enterprise. The suggestions and recommendations included in this book are based on Joel's proven Growth Management Processes that have been developed over nearly 30 years. These Growth Management Processes are based on certain premises related to what happens when companies grow and what management practices will ensure that the growth is successful. There are no management fads in this guidebook. All of the practices are time tested and solid. This guidebook is for the owners and managers of real businesses. Businesses that require the best return out of every dollar invested.

With the understanding of the practices that separate a successfully growing business from a not-so-successful growing business, the Growth Management processes themselves become very logical and very easy to implement. They can be applied to any organization that is growing or transitioning no matter what phase of growth the company is in.

The notebook is packed with great information, as well as worksheets and tools to help implement growth management processes in your business.

List price - $149.00 (plus s&h)
With discount from seminars/workshops - $98.00 (plus s&h)
- contact Joel for more information

Free Growth Management Tools and Guides

Download Free Proven Tools to Help You Succeed

I have developed these tools and guides to help my clients expand their entrepreneurial passions and grow successful valuable businesses. They are offered here for you to download free.

Email me if you have any questions concerning the use of these tools or to help interpret your results.

How Close Are You to Harnessing Your Passion?

This is a neat little tool to measure how close you are to Harnessing the Passion™ and to expanding on it to create growth and wealth. Score yourself on 13 factors to see where you should be concentrating your efforts. It's a great exercise to also let your management team do and then to compare your answers to each of theirs.

Plot your numbers for each of the 13 factors on the graph by entering them in the boxes provided. The dips in the circle indicate areas that need some attention.

How Close Are You to Harnessing Your Passion? (Graph)
How Close Are You to Harnessing Your Passion? (Chart)

Entrepreneurial Employee Exercise

This is a great way to gauge the entrepreneurial spirit of your employees. Let your managers grade their departments. It is also an excellent way to discuss desired behavior with your employees.

Entrepreneurial Employee Exercise

Growth Management Guides

Growth management reading to help you and your employees understand and practice growth management processes.

The 3 Phases of Growth
Early Warning Signs of Trouble Expanding the Passion
10 Keys to Expanding the Passion

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